About us


  Our company was founded in 1994, we have 46 years of work experience. Our company works as a fancy smith as the member of the EFA organization. By us was the International Smith Association established. As a reference, we can mention that for the Folk Art Museum’s request we introduce the Arts and Crafts fancy smith profession of hungarian tradition with our hand made products. Our company can accomplish any kind of individual request or idea, or you can choose from our previously made samples or forms. Additional ornaments, fences, gates, barriers, window grilles, spiral staircases, furnitures, traditionalist weapons and articles. Restoration of monuments. We offer quality and guarantee for a reasonable price for our clients. The following products and services await you:

  1. Free on-site survey
  2. Free consultation
  3. Wrought iron gates and fences
  4. Barriers, grills, balcony barriers
  5. Garden furniture
  6. Furnishings, beds, tables, chairs, shelves, ornaments etc.
  7. Restoration of monuments

In additional I am also available as a therapeutic farrier For your information On behalf of the (BKIK) Commercial Trade Chamber of Budapest, I am the President of the Examination Committee for Farrier Master. For acquiring of Farrier Master Letter Awaiting for your applications !

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